Chenega Stories

The Day That Cries Forever Published in 2006, this book includes a compilation of first person accounts of the deadly 1964 earthquake and tsunamis that destroyed the Alaska Native Village of Chenega, on Chenega Island, and claimed the lives of one third of the Chenega people. The 9.3 magnitude earthquake remains the second largest ever recorded on Earth. The book received national acclaim and recognition.

We Are the Land, We Are the Sea Published in 2007 this book includes a compilation of stories and recipes documenting the history and subsistence lifestyle of the Alaska Native Chenega people.

Twelve Language Posters with video clips of Chenega Elders pronouncing each word. This compilation of 12 posters and 2 CDs include the pronunciations and phonetic spelling of nearly 100 commonly used words from the Chenega Alutiiq/Sugcestun Native Language. Dimensions: 18.5”x24”

CD of Russian Orthodox Christmas Songs A compilation of Russian Orthodox Christmas songs sung by Chenega Elders and youth celebrating the holiday tradition brought over by Russian trappers and traders from the Ukraine in the 1600’s. Songs are sung in a blend of the Alaska Native Alutiiq and Russian Slavonic languages.

Subsistence Poster This colorful poster documents the times of the year for the subsistence harvesting of berries, sea life, and animals in Prince William Sound. Dimensions: 18”x12”

Chenega Diaries: Stories and Voices of Our Past Published in 2012, this full color book and documentary DVD uses children’s diary entries, archived correspondence and photographs chronicling the subsistence life and times of the Chenega People circa 1940’s in Prince William Sound. Stories, myths, memories, recipes, and more from Chenega Elders were collected and added to the book, documentary and website, The website also includes an education package for Alaskan teachers to share the Chenega story far and wide.

Chenega and the Church This three volume series, published in 2014, documents the traditions of the Christian Russian Orthodox faith practiced by the Chenega people. While much of their faith practice emulates that of the Russian Orthodox Church, over the years, the Chenega people blended it with their ancient Alaska native traditions. Collectively the books cover the history and migration of the Russian Orthodox faith to Alaska as well as the religious traditions shared by the Chenega people throughout the year, and throughout their lifetime. In addition to the three books, this epic publication includes Russian Christmas and Easter Hymn books and DVD’s, all encased in a beautiful hardcover box designed to look like a large book.

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