Shareholder Development

Chenega has developed a corporation-wide internship program and a extensive range of continuing education and
professional development training support for Shareholders, their spouses and descendants.

To ensure their success, Shareholders also have access to customized education and career planning. Students are eligible for generous, performance-based scholarships for college degrees or professional certifications, and Chenega provides on-going support in achieving educational goals. We also host Future Quest!, an annual youth outreach workshop designed to give middle and high school students the tools they need to be successful in their post-secondary educational pursuits. Learn more below.

Chenega adults, youth and elders can access personal development activities to insure a bright future including:

  • Education and Career Planning, including skill and interest assessments, on-going advising and coaching, and creation of a strategy that best fits individual interests, abilities, and lifestyles.
  • Scholarships for degree, technical certification, or quick, job-ready training. Along with our scholarships, we provide on-going support in achieving educational goals.
  • Future Quest!, an annual youth outreach workshop designed to give middle and high school students the tools they need to be successful in their educational , cultural and life pursuits.
  • High School Seniors Workshop, to prepare for life after high school and apply for future educational opportunities or the world of work.
  • Elders and Youth Conference; four scholarships are available to Chenega youth ages 14-24 to attend the 2019 Elders and Youth Conference in Anchorage, AK date TBA. This conference is the largest gathering of of it's kind of Alaska Native peoples, and a wonderful way for youth and elders to participate in cultural activities and learn together. The scholarship includes conference registration, transportation, meals, and lodging.
  • Internships; full-time college students are eligible for an internship at either Chenega Corporation, or one of their subsidiaries, in an area related to the field of study.

These programs are available to Chenega shareholders, spouses of shareholders and descendants.

Scholarship Applications and Eligibility

Scholarships are available to all Chenega Corporation Shareholders, descendants of Shareholders (by birth or legal adoption) and spouses of living Shareholders. The scholarships award may vary based on the accredited college, university, vocational school or training institution you are enrolled in. For more information contact the Shareholder Development Manager listed below at

After an applicant is approved, they will receive a copy of the approved Scholarship Guidelines and Policy.

Scholarship Deadlines

  • March 1st
  • May 1st
  • August 1st
  • December 1st

Future Quest!

This youth leadership & culture camp for Chenega middle and high school students will be August 11-17, 2019 in Anchorage. Registration will be available starting April 22nd, 2019. Questions, please call Shareholder Development Manager 907-569-6923.


To ensure the success of our Chenega Shareholders, we have joined with trusted partners in the community, including:

  • Chugach School District
  • AK Native Shareholder Development Group
  • Alaska Vocational Technical Education Center
  • Chugach Traveling Team

For questions regarding scholarships, educational advancement and/or training, contact the Shareholder Development Manager at 907-569-6923 or email

Meet the new Shareholder Development Manager.