Shareholder Services

Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Chenega Corporation recognizes the important role that the health and will being of its Shareholders plays in fulfilling its commitment to promote self-sufficiency and self-determination. In recognition of this, the Corporation Board of Directors voted in favor of the continuation of its Substance Abuse Program. Through this program, Chenega Shareholders, descendants and spouses are provided the necessary support services and safe harbor to overcome the challenges of alcohol and drug addiction.


  • The Chenega Corporation Burial & Bereavement benefit program was established in 1998 for Shareholders only, and then expanded in 2006 to include descendants and spouses, this program has been successful in supporting the people of Chenega in the time of loss with emotional and financial support.

Cultural Program Projects

  • In 2004 Chenega Corporation founded its Culture Preservation Program and named a committee of Elders to identify and carry out the projects designed to preserve the language and heritage of the Chenega People.

Accessing Shareholder Forms

Please contact the Shareholder Services Manager at 1-888-442-5388 or (907)751-6901 for questions or email